Oral Care and Laxatives

RedCross CankerS cropped

RedCross Cankersore

Red Cross Canker Sore provides fast pain relief due to minor irritation of the mouth and gums caused by canker sores, dentures and orthodontic appliances. Red Cross Canker Sore acts like a patch to form a protective layer while it heals. It is formulated with natural herbs, providing a better tasting product with long-lasting protection. shop-now-btn

RedCross Toothache croppedRed Cross® Toothache

A complete kit for fast, temporary toothache pain relief when a dentist isn’t available. The kit contains an effective pain killing solution with natural Eugenol, plus tweezers and cotton pellets so you can apply the medicine right to the site of the pain. Great to have for emergencies, and the directions are in both English and Spanish. shop-now-btn


red-cross-oral-pain-reliefRed Cross® Oral Pain Relief

Red Cross® Oral Pain Relief provides instant pain relief for toothache, denture pain, gum and canker sores. The kit contains cotton pellets, metal tweezers, and maximum strength Benzocaine medication.  shop-now-btn




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Fletcher's® Laxative for Kids
Herbal Supplement

Natural, gentle relief for occassional constipation for children. shop-now-btn


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